Hannah of Ottawa, Canada
Allopathic vs. Homeopathic

Allopathic is the mainstream vet care received at the neighborhood clinic.

Homeopathic vet care is a more advanced care system where a regular DVM continues his/her education for another 4-6 years to learn a more "whole animal" approach to caring for your animal. Homeopathic care, for my dogs, has always been so much cheaper, which is amazing since these vets are so much more knowledgable that you would think homeopathic care would be very expensive, but it isn't.

We, at Glendrovers, use both in the care of our dogs. By law, you must have a rabies shot every 3 years to receive a dog license and since our dogs are out and about in the community, we have established a shot protocol that keeps our dogs healthy. However, on major cases such as cancer, we always go the homeopathic route as the most gentle and effective approach to handling an illness such as this.

Dollie With 2 Week Old Pups

When the regular vet gave my old Dollie just 6 months to live IF I did chemo and radiation with her, I opted to call my homeopathic vet and with his instructions and remedies, Dollie lived another 3 1/2 years! Let's see, 6 months with a very sick dog as opposed to 3 1/2 years with a dog who enjoyed life each day to the fullest... I'll take homeopathy every time! I like the idea of that extra 4-6 years, yes years, of education these homeopathic vets are willing to put up with for the love of each animal under their care.

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